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The Importance of Teacher Development

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January 30, 2023

Education is a never-ending process, even for teachers. Professional development is not only beneficial for educators as they are able to further develop their skills, but children also benefit from the latest methods being used. At Casa, one of our core values is Perpetual Growth, meaning we strive to constantly learn because it helps us become the best versions of ourselves. Perpetual Growth drives internal improvement and allows us to continually provide a relevant and quality education program for children. 

We have worked hard to create programs and streamline paths for our teachers to reach their goals. But why is professional development important, what opportunities do we offer at Casa, and how can you encourage this in your business? Read this blog post to find out. 

The Importance of Professional Development 

As we continue to gather information on the efficiency of various methods, brain development, and psychology, how we go about teaching will be ever-evolving to accommodate these discoveries. Thus, it is crucial for veteran teachers to attend such courses. The new tools they learn in these courses will help enrich the curriculum, provide students with new, more engaging activities, and use technology wisely. Further, veteran teachers who seek professional development subsequently provide more guidance for younger teachers and inspire them to do the same. 

These things benefit schools, children, and even other professionals, but what about teachers themselves? Giving teachers all the possible tools to reach the highest possible level in their careers allows them to reach career fulfillment and economic stability. Professional development courses give them tools to create lesson plans and lectures with greater ease. They often will also develop better organization and planning skills giving them more time to interact with children and develop meaningful relationships. 

Another important thing to review as a business are your licensing requirements. Oftentimes, licensing requirements detail the minimum amount of time/courses teachers must complete per year to pass certification. So keeping this in mind is also important. 

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How Do We Encourage Teacher Professional Development?

At Casa, there are various ways we help our teachers reach their career goals. We provide teachers various growth opportunities which include:

Corazoncitos Classes 

We require our teachers to complete 40 hours of training per year. These classes, led by Certified Trainers, focus on various subjects each month such as social emotional development, child development, different techniques, learning disabilities, and more. We offer these classes online for greater accessibility. By offering these courses we have seen new teachers become more secure and veteran teachers evolving their methods. 


CDA, or Child Development Associate, is a national credentialing program for those working with infants, toddlers, and children up until the age of five. This program is rigorous and upon completion demonstrates that these individuals are knowledgeable when it comes to early childhood education. We encourage all of our teachers to participate in this program and provide bonuses for doing so. 

Encouragement of Outside Courses

There are many great programs offered for teachers. Thus, we do not limit them in what they are allowed to take. We encourage teachers to explore and find what they are passionate about. As with anyone in Casa, we encourage them to continue school and provide aid and compensation for doing so. 

How can you Encourage Professional Development in your Business? 
  • Have employees set up quarterly goals regarding areas they wish to focus on.
  • Provide bonuses and salary increases for professional development. 
  • Have promotions require certain development goals. 
  • Set up monthly meetings geared towards skills building. 
  • Encourage cross-departmental training. 
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Franchising with Casa de Corazón

Find true career fulfillment by owning a company dedicated to impacting the world for children.  Bring positivity to the lives of children,  families, teachers, and your local community. Inquire about owning a Casa franchise today and begin changing the lives of teachers through professional development!

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