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Wisconsin’s Leading Spanish Immersion Childcare Program

Casa de Corazón is the premier Spanish immersion daycare and preschool in Shorewood, WI. Our focus on early childhood development and learning is an excellent steppingstone towards your child’s educational success. Our staff is loving and attentive to your children’s needs. We teach through a full-immersion approach that exposes children to correct grammatical and conversational Spanish. Through our immersion daycare and immersion preschool, your child will learn to speak a foreign language, gain a sense of security and develop a love of learning in a nurturing and caring environment.


4114 N Oakland Ave
Shorewood, WI 53211

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Trained and Loving Caregivers and Educators

Children who are taught to speak Spanish at a young age learn it faster. Evidence advises children who speak multiple languages have an increased desire to learn on their own and have an aptitude toward learning other languages quickly. At Casa De Corazón in Shorewood, we use an innovative method with our Spanish immersion program. Our process begins as soon as your child begins attending. Children of any age will learn quickly. So, no matter how young your child is when they start attending Casa de Corazón, we have an age-appropriate method and accompanying curriculum from which they will learn quickly.  

Our Program

Whether your child is part of our preschool program, after-school care or all-day toddler care, our Spanish immersion platform is designed to accommodate the specific age range of the children as well as the length in time they have been with Casa de Corazón in Shorewood. We utilize enriching activities throughout the day to spark your child’s curiosity and engage their focus and play. Our staff incorporates learning-based activities, teaching moments and positive reinforcement to promote growth and enjoyment.

Our techniques for teaching Spanish combined with early childhood development are deeply rooted in our principals. With continuous application, we have a winning program for your child. By exploring concepts, behavior, and Spanish with highly trained caregivers, a sense of wonder develops in your child. By celebrating accomplishments associated with learning and discovery your child will understand the importance and value of learning and discovering for themselves. Casa de Corazón is dedicated to helping your child to thrive in all environments. We want your child to understand how they create their success.  

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Casa de Corazón will begin teaching Spanish through our Spanish immersion program from the first day. No matter how young your child is, we are the best daycare and early childhood development in Shorewood, WI. We invite you to tour our childcare facility and witness our Spanish immersion program in action. If you are looking for a Spanish immersion daycare, put your trust in Casa de Corazón.

Spanish immersion is just the start. Every day, we’re creating a better world for your child.


Loving teachers

The feedback we get the most is how much parents love the way our nurturing teachers interact with the kids.


Healthy, organic meals

From pureed baby food to well-balanced meals for preschoolers, all of our food is prepared fresh onsite with natural ingredients.


Enrichment experiences

Child development isn’t limited to classrooms. Outdoor fitness activities, field trips, and other fun real-life excursions abound.



By supplying our own cloth diapers and reusable dishware and bottles, we make things easier for you – and the planet.