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Meet Iris! Shorewood’s Center Director

Iris, Casa Shorewood's center director participating in Holi
February 20, 2023

At Casa Shorewood, we are happy to have such amazing Center Directors be part of our team. Get to know Iris this week! Iris began her career at Casa as a substitute teacher in July 2020. She quickly became a Lead Teacher and positively contributed to this center and her classrooms. After grasping what makes Casa unique, she was ready to accept her current position as Center Director! Find out more about what Iris has learned and why she loves Casa. 

Describe the difference between when you were a brand-new director and now?

Definitively, the terminologies used in our workspace generated a lot of confusion for me at the start. I have learned them over the months thanks to my co-workers and the new experiences I’ve been through. Another thing I had to learn was all the administrative work, especially handling emails. It was the first time I had put aside changing diapers, sensory activities, and storytelling, and completely transitioned to a new style of work. Today, I feel confident in my tasks as Director and I have found a balance between this and my desire for daily interactions with loving children. 

What is your favorite core value and why?

Definitely, my favorite core value is Extended Family. It is the one I identify with the most and the one I feel I live and transmit every day. Casa de Corazón is a place where you can feel at home when you are away from home. Turning your co-workers, the children, and their families into your extended family is an opportunity that only Casa de Corazón offers us.

What do you want prospective families to know about Casa/your center?

Casa de Corazón is a place that provides security, love, and quality care. Families can bring their children every day and go to their jobs with a sense of safety and confidence. Because here they will have fun, eat delicious fresh and organic food, and we will help them grow physically, socially, and emotionally. In addition, our families will have the opportunity to keep up with the activities that their children do during the day through our Casa App.

How do you build connections with the children, teachers, and parents?

Communication and direct relationship with your community are key to creating connections with families, my children, and my teachers at heart. I always give them my trust, my respect, and all my love. I also make sure to make myself available, support them, or give them a hug when needed.

How do you motivate your staff or bring them together?

Knowing the interests of your team, and the needs or different areas of opportunity serve as a link to create strategies that support the culture that Casa de Corazón looks for in its staff. I create activities that motivate and unite our group, encourage, and recognize their work. Above all, I’m a resource and guide when they need support. Sitting with them during their break time and talking about how the day went, or which country they would like to go to helps me get to know and get involved with my staff. Giving them a hug or a high five in the mornings and afternoons and telling them “You’re doing well!” or “I’m very proud of you!” makes everyone happy.

What is an important thing to be successful in your position?

Being successful in this role comes with a lot of emotional intelligence, empathy, and receptivity. Communication with colleagues you work with daily, understanding what they want, and where they are going as a team makes success come without being sought. But above all things, being committed to the role and putting all your corazón into it.

What support do you receive in your position and what are the professional development opportunities?

The support and trust of my leaders, Keyshla, Nick, and my partner Ana have been my manual during my Professional Development in this role and also the support we have from our HQ team and our Franchise Support connection, Kelly. They have been the best mentors to get all the knowledge that this position requires. Part of the resources that Casa provides to its franchisees is support and advice. Every training, each question is answered by Tammy, Jansel, Mallory, and Natalie and each doubt clarified by Alexa, Javiera, or Jessica, and each resource provided by Pablo, Katie, and Wendy, in addition to the corazoncitos classes, have been an excellent guide to enhance my professional development.

What is your favorite Casa Memory?

At Casa de Corazón, every day you live incredible experiences that remain in your memory. One of the most beautiful things I have experienced is being the Lead Teacher in the Toddlers B room since I was able to observe and contribute to the growth of these children who are now in their preschool stage. I know they love me so much and it makes me think of the positive impact I made on their lives because of the time I spent with them.

Iri, casa shorewood's center director receiving an award
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