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My Experience as a Casa Parent!

April 24, 2023

Building strong and positive relationships between our families is our main priority. There are an increasing number of daycare options and we strive to provide the best experience for those who seek a Spanish immersion program! Find out why Sandy, a Casa parent, chose us!

Choosing a daycare was one of the most important decisions we had to make for our daughter, Serena. We wanted Serena to not only be in safe care but also attend a daycare where her Puerto Rican and Colombian heritage would be celebrated. We also wanted to ensure that she had access to healthy and nutritious food. When we came across Casa, we knew it was the place for Serena. She started her first day at Casa on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2018, when she was just 9 weeks old, which also was a Casa Intercultural Day.

One of Serena’s favorite parts of Casa is all the fun days. Some of her favorite fun days include Train Day, Holi Festival, Out of this World Day, Career Day, Juneteenth, Rainbow Day, Tropical Day, Emoji Day, Under the Sea Day, Indigenous People’s Day and so many more! Plus students can take classes from Soccer Shots right at Casa! She has been taking soccer classes right at school since she was in the Toddler room!

Each month also focuses on a theme such as maquinas simples (simple machines) or edificios (buildings), where she has the chance to experience developmentally appropriate activities on each theme. A country from Latin America is also selected each month where children can learn about foods, music, and other traditions from each country.

Lastly, the staff at Casa de Corazon are amazing and so caring! Serena starts and ends her day with a big hug from her teachers. Many of the staff have known her since she started in the Infants room, so it has been so fun to see her continue to be surrounded by compassionate teachers. This makes drop-off so much easier, knowing that she is happy to see her maestras!

Serena is just starting in the last classroom, PreK. She loves school and comes home teaching us so many things she has learned like songs, storylines, or something related to the theme of the month. We look forward to continuing to see her grow while she finishes her time at Casa! Muchas gracias for all the love and support you have provided to our daughter!

-Sandy Casa Parent

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