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Parent Blog Post: Vanessa!

Casa teacher at our daycare center reading a book in the middle of a small group.
May 12, 2022

This week, we share a story from one of our parents regarding why Casa was the right choice for her family. Parents come to us from many different backgrounds and through various means. We always promote transparency so that our parents know what to expect. And so they feel comfortable ensuring the health and safety of their children with our loving teachers. As a parent, one has to make many tough decisions for our children early on. Choosing a daycare that is right for your family is one of the first major decisions, thus when parents tour our centers we aim to best communicate what their experience will be like. 

Read how Casa has positively impacted this family. 

When choosing childcare for my son there were a few criteria that Casa met right out of the gate like being a Spanish immersion community. Even after talking to other parents and reading reviews, it’s tough to know what the daycare experience will be like for your child and you, but Casa de Corazon has exceeded my expectations in just about every category. The language immersion aspect was something I always told myself that I would make a priority when raising kids. I am bilingual (French/English), and I know the positive impact that a second language has had on my life, and I’m so thrilled to be able to provide that for my son now too!

My son joined Casa when he was 18 months and is now a 3-year-old in one of the Preschool rooms. He has had amazing care and invaluable exposure to cultures around Latin America. His vocabulary and language skills in both English and Spanish continue to amaze my husband and I. From time to time, he will make a statement or sing a song in Spanish. It is so fun to see! Each of his teachers at his daycare has had a great impact on him and his development as well. I love that Casa emphasizes the importance of different cultures, not just linguistics. The cultural celebrations that happen throughout the year are very impactful for him and us as well.

Celebrating Venezuela with our little ones at our daycare center.

One of the joys of my day is walking to pick my son up from school and stepping into his classroom. He almost always has a “Projecto” in his hand and a smile on his face. Casa has been a stable blessing during such a critical developmental stage for our son. Being part of the Casa community has also helped us develop friendships outside of the Casa walls. We will frequently run into other parents (our neighbors) as we go to drop off/pick up our kids. Or our son will recognize one of his “amigos” when we are out at the park or grocery store. Even during these unprecedented times, the sense of community and togetherness at Casa de Corazon remains strong.

Vanessa, Casa Parent

Casa sticker reading Somos Casa, We are Casa which is a slogan we use for our daycare centers.

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