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      Parents with a new baby may feel conflicted about taking their infant to daycare. Fortunately, when you have a provider you trust to care for your infant in a safe and nurturing environment, it makes all the difference in the world. Casa de Corazón is the premier infant care center in Shorewood, WI. We provide outstanding newborn daycare and childcare for infants, toddlers, and children up to age 5. Our professional staff cares for every child individually, so you can rest assured that your baby is well taken care of all day long.

      A Loving Atmosphere for your Infant

      Casa de Corazón is the preferable infant daycare center for the Shorewood area. In addition to providing outstanding care to infants and newborns, we are a Spanish immersion daycare program. Because our focus is on early childhood development, we begin our immersion program as soon as possible and integrate it into our infant daycare. Parents throughout the Shorewood area appreciate our methods and are pleased with the results, so our enrollment continues to grow.

      As a leading provider of Spanish immersion childcare in Shorewood and its surrounding cities, the staff at Casa de Corazón offer the most remarkable early childhood education experiences possible. We are proud of our program and excited to share it with your family. Our compassionate and professionally trained infant care staff use enriching activities to engage with your children and introduce them to Spanish. At Casa de Corazón, we achieve extraordinary environments where your baby can grow, develop, and thrive. Be confident in the understanding that your infant’s engagement increases each day, and excited as you see their progress. Our Spanish immersion daycare staff in Shorewood, WI, is loving and attentive to your infant’s needs.

      Spanish Immersion Childcare

      We have designed and developed our Spanish immersion language program through the years and take a thoughtful approach when incorporating it into our daycare. We teach children proper grammar and conversational Spanish, so they can learn to speak like natives. Our immersion program begins as soon as you enroll your child, regardless of age, because it is never too early to learn a foreign language. There are several benefits for children who learn to speak multiple languages. Research shows children who learn multiple languages from an early age show excelled levels of engagement in learning, education, and social interaction. Those who learn another language also retain more information for more extended periods of their life compared to the individual who only speaks one language. Through our Spanish immersion infant daycare and immersion preschool, your child will learn to speak a foreign language, gain a sense of security and develop a love of learning in a safe and nurturing environment in Shorewood.

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      We welcome you to be part of the Casa de Corazón family at our location in Shorewood, WI. Please call our center at 414-436-9227 and speak to a care provider or schedule a tour of our facility in Shorewood.