Trabaja con nosotros — Aplica hoy y únete a la gran familia de Casa de Corazón.

Spanish Blossoms at Immersive Child Care

January 8, 2024

A new Spanish immersion day care and preschool has opened on Madison’s West Side, offering children the chance to learn Spanish at the same time as English, starting when they’re infants and toddlers.

At Casa de Corazón, children are immersed in a Spanish-speaking environment and have extended contact with a community of fluent speakers. According to the school’s website, this method is shown to be one of the most effective approaches to language teaching, because it duplicates the conditions under which children learn their first language.

The newly renovated space at 6 Odana Court on the West Side opened its doors to families Nov. 15. It includes 11 classrooms, an indoor and outdoor playground, and…

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