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Support After Buying a Casa Franchise

January 27, 2022

You might tell yourself, “I would love to start a franchise but I’m not comfortable operating things by myself.” At other franchises you might be left alone facing a mountain of questions and lack of advice, but that’s not the case at Casa. When you start a franchise you become an extension of the Casa family. The work we do is crucial and impacts the minds of future generations thus, we must work united. It is our top priority to succeed together, but to do that each individual component must work to reach their maximum potential. 

At Casa, we pride ourselves in giving our franchises all the support and attention they need. Our team of experts is here at your disposal and is always going out of their way to help. Having your own franchise is a lot of work, but our team is here for you to achieve a balance between your career and the things you love. Here is an idea of what support will look like after you open a Casa. 

Casa employee meeting with franchise providing support after buying a casa franchise.

How do we support our franchises after opening?
  • Bi-weekly Meetings with Support Team
  • Everyone is treated like family.
  • Quarterly Visits
  • Monthly Financial Feedback
  • Marketing Support
  • Social Media Coaching

After your center opens

You will work closely with our Casa Franchising Certified Trainer. This expert will be with you at your location during the first couple of weeks. They will ensure things run smoothly, and if any issues arise you will not have to wait for support, as you will be tackling things together.

Things have now been operating for a while

But that doesn’t mean you have experienced everything to come. To get questions answered or receive advice any day, you can contact our experienced Support Specialists. Along with having access to them everyday, there will be bi-weekly support meetings, quarterly visits, roundtables with the other owners, and monthly financial feedback meetings to address anything early on. You will get to know our Support Specialist very closely.

We also provide marketing support

Designed to increase your enrollment. As a new franchise in your area, we want to educate and increase brand awareness within your community. We do this by providing you enrollment marketing materials, assisting with social media accounts, and providing you communication guidelines.

Please understand that when you join our team you will never face any problem alone and we want you to feel comfortable to ask questions. We will always work as a team because we want to see you succeed and be proud of being part of our Casa family. 

Get a closer look of what a typical day as a franchise owner looks like.

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