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Typical Day for a Casa Franchise Owner

January 20, 2022

As with any job it is always good to know what an average day looks like to see if you can envision yourself in the role, and ensure it is what you expected. Owning a Casa franchise is not only a big commitment, but also an exciting one. Read more about what a day as a Casa franchise owner will look like to see if this is a good fit for you! Keep in mind everyone’s schedule is different and completely customizable.

8:00 am and you walk through the front door of your new center...

After a good night’s sleep you enter with your coffee (or tea) in hand and hear little giggles overflowing from the classrooms. You stop to decipher new art from the students hanging on the walls in the lobby. You walk to your office and set your stuff down, complete morning tasks, and head over to a classroom. Today you visit a toddler class and spend about 15-30 minutes interacting with the kids and teachers. Kids are building castles, singing, or showing off their three new shirts they wore today, because they couldn’t decide on their favorite one. Then, you go to each classroom giving a quick hello on your way back to your office. You start to create a plan for the day, make calls, and complete more tasks.

10:30 am arrives and you check in with your directors

You make sure everything is addressed and there is good communication between everyone. This is a priority for you to be successful and ensure your staff feels heard. After a great meeting, you walk around your building to inspect any maintenance issues/cleanliness and make sure issues are addressed appropriately.  

12:00 pm and it is lunch time

It’s a nice day outside so you decide to walk to lunch and get some steps in. 

2:00 pm you meet with Kelly

One of the Support Specialists, for the bi-weekly support meeting. Here you discuss bigger topics and come up with a plan that will work for everyone.

End of the Day!

After making sure you are fully staffed for closing, you close your computer, pack up, and say goodbye to everyone as you leave. Now it is time to be with your family, or do things that you enjoy and make you happy. 

Get a good night’s sleep… the kids will be full of energy and ready to play tomorrow morning! 

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