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Teacher Appreciation Week at Casa!

casa teacher standing in front of a banner reading teacher appreciation week
April 25, 2022

Timid, lacks confidence, and is afraid to ask questions. That is how some of my teachers in elementary school would describe me, so it was no surprise that I did not enjoy going to school. I did not like it until sixth grade when I met my science teacher, Mr. Bird, his name very fitting, as he had a knack to relate everything back to birds. 

Coming in as one of only two new students at a tight knit school, I was even more nervous to start the year. But things went surprisingly well. I began to speak up in class, talk more, and actually made new friends all because of Mr. Bird. He was always very caring with all his students and treated us like his children. Mr. Bird would celebrate everyone’s accomplishments and when something really did not make sense he would never show an ounce of frustration. He was patient, kind, and was always a positive energy. I would not be here if it wasn’t for Mr. Bird. 

Alexa Montesinos, Marketing Coordinator

Teachers do so much for our children, yet their work often goes unnoticed. This coming week join us for Teacher Appreciation Week to surprise our teachers with treats and express our gratitude for them. Learn what special activities you can be a part of during this week. Don’t forget to tag us on social media if you want to recognize your teachers online!

Why Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teachers are individuals in our society who often do not get enough praise for what they do. Our teachers at Casa are truly some of the best in the industry. They show up with a genuine smile and are filled with lots of positive energy to play with our children. They make sure to listen, help anyone who may be struggling, are flexible, creative, and patient. It is very impressive to see how they do everything so well, and their secret… they are truly dedicated to their job. Our teachers are passionate about working with children and care about their future. They are excited to come in everyday to feel their love reciprocated and watch children grow!

Because of everything that our teachers do to positively impact our children’s futures, please join us for Teacher Appreciation Week from May 2nd through the 6th! Each day there will be a special surprise we hope you will participate in. 

we have various themes for teacher appreciation week at Casa, one of them being dress like a superhero. our teachers dressed at Captain America.
Teacher Appreciation Week At Casa

Super Monday

We invite everyone to write thank you letters and notes to our teachers!

Ideas: You can write about how they have positively impacted your life or your child’s, what they have taught you, or what it means for your family to know your teacher. 

Brownie Points: Try writing something in Spanish! Do not worry about perfection, the effort is greatly appreciated!

Terrific Tuesday 

Surprise our teachers with their favorite treat or snack!

Ideas: Ask your teacher what their favorite dessert or snack is. It does not have to be big or elaborate.

Brownie Points: Bring a traditional treat from your teacher’s home country!

Flower Power Wednesday 

Bring in fresh flowers or another sweet gift!

Ideas: Do a special arts and crafts project with your child and bring that in for their teacher!

Thursday Casa Day

Come see what treat we give our teachers!

Special Surprise Friday

Surprise teachers/staff members with anything!

Ideas: More treats, handwritten notes from your family, candle, book, gift card, travel mug, coffee, or anything else!

our parents bring food for teacher appreciation week at Casa.

We also invite you to highlight your child’s teachers on social media. Talk about why you appreciate them and the impact they have had in your life. Tag @casaearlylearning on Instagram or @casadecorazonearlylearning on Facebook so that we may share with everyone! 

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