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Tips & Ideas for Successful Giving Back Initiatives

directors posing for our book drive, one of out giving back initiatives
November 7, 2022

Did you know that 71% of employees say it is imperative to work for a business that gives back? Today, people want to work together and build stronger communities. As a result, they are paying attention to local issues and doing something about it, whether it’s through collecting donations or forming groups to help in-person. 

At Casa, social responsibility is at our core. It is a significant value for building strong relationships. We involve our little ones, families, and staff in initiatives such as book drives, planting gardens, and our 1K For Kids event. Our 20 years of experience have taught us much. Thus, here are five expert tips for choosing the right initiative for your business and three ideas for what to do. 

Five Tips for Choosing a Successful Initiative
One: Start within your local community.

If you are a business that is just starting or testing out this idea for the first time, it is best to start local. It is easier for people to build a relationship with your initiative and will more likely feel compelled to act when you do this. Choose an initiative that will support a well-known issue in your community. For example, there could be decreased access to fresh vegetables or littering. Either way, make sure to do some research before deciding what to do. 

Two: If you choose to partner with a charity, make sure they are reputable.

With so many people trying to take advantage of others’ good intentions, you must always be careful so that your work goes towards actually helping those who need it. With more prominent charities, you can quickly tell if they are following through on their actions and what their impact is. But smaller charities might not have the same visibility or awareness. Set up a meeting to talk with a person at the charity. Ask to see what they do in-person or if they have any summary data. 

Three: Choose an initiative that aligns with your company’s values and has ties to your community.

If you want your customers to participate, choose an event tied to your mission. Your mission and core values drive what you do and help build a loyal customer base. Foster that loyalty by selecting the correct initiative. Once you have narrowed your ideas down, consider conducting a quick survey to predict engagement and receive valuable feedback. 

Four: Ask your employees for their opinion.

This is especially important if you are conducting a large event. You do not want to put lots of time and energy into something your staff is not proud of or excited about. Additionally, asking your team for feedback could give you different insights or could let you know about other organizations in the area. Your employees could even have connections within the community that you can further explore. 

Five: Choose an initiative that customers and staff can participate in.

This tip is important for building genuine relationships. Encourage everyone to work together and get to know each other while participating. If you are conducting a large event, set up a group made up of staff members and customers to promote the event and get everyone involved. 

Giving Back Initiatives
Drives: Such as canned food, clothes, and essential products 

Drives such as these can be held over a period of weeks thus giving you time to assess how your community reacts to them. Additionally, if your drive’s momentum begins to plateau, you can do something towards the middle and end of the campaign to give it an additional boost. Determine who you will be donating these items to at the start and make sure they are accepting donations.  

Volunteer at a Children’s Hospital

This initiative will require planning and talking to hospital staff as they have rules in place for the safety of their patients. However, it is a great event as you can be creative with what you decide to do. Additionally, the smiles from children and thank you’s from families will make your day!

Volunteer Day

Set out a day where your staff does not have to come in for work and instead you do community service. Staff members could form teams and go in groups to these charities. Maybe even with some customers joining them. This way, you can all learn something unique and form even more relationships with your community. 

casa franchise sticker saying "socially responsible child care" part of out giving back initiative drives.

What giving back initiatives will you have at your own Casa franchise?

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