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What is La Casita Book?

members of our staff bringing to life characters in La Casita Book
December 26, 2022

It is hard to believe, but this year we are celebrating La Casita’s fifth anniversary! This book came to life as a way to promote and encourage diversity since there is a lack of representation in the children’s book industry. Thus, the creation of this book.

What is La Casita?

La Casita is a Casa original children’s book. It is written in English and Spanish to promote bilingual education at Casa, schools across the country, and at home. Children can learn a lot through reading and observation, thus this book contains translations to help children develop associations and beautiful drawings to help children understand the context. We use La Casita in our classrooms to teach children lessons communicated through the main song. 

This book tells the story of a fun protagonist called Super Chinchilín who lives in the town of Cucurucú alongside his friends. In this town, children are happy, lively, and know the importance of good manners by singing the “La Casita” song. Various visitors come to say hello to the wonderful children such as Mamá Lupita, Risueña, and Kinklín. One day the green princess visits the town as she is in search of someone who will teach her how to be happy again and have good manners. The characters and children teach the green princess what they know and she is soon overcome with happiness. 

How are our Core Values Reflected?

Life-changing innovation was the proponent of this book. Every year we develop an average of five new ideas to continue changing early childhood education and provide the best to our families. All of our core values are represented in the way the town lives in the book! 

Celebrating La Casita Characters Day at Casa

Every year in December our staff brings this book to life. Everyone gets in the spirit and dresses like one of the characters in the book. We then enter each classroom and sing the “La Casita” song to the children and answer all the curious questions!

How would you bring this book to life in your Casa franchise?

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