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Benefits of Bilingual Education

casa child holding a book in spanish to represent one of the benefits of being bilingual which is better at listening
February 28, 2022

Being bilingual is a powerful and positive tool that helps children thrive. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, speaking multiple languages is a must in order to communicate with others in a culturally relevant way. Bilingual children are able to view the world from different perspectives and can also relate to others better. 
Early childhood education plays a major role in a child’s development. The advantage of our program is that our children’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills are improving at a quicker rate in comparison to other kids their age.

10 Benefits of Being Bilingual
  • Increased mental flexibility
  • Better suited to learn a third language
  • Increased math and logic skills
  • Increased problem solving skills
  • Increased creativity
  • Better at listening
  • Establish connections with more people
  • Increased sense of self and identity
  • Increased self-esteem
  • The demand for bilingual speakers is increasing

casa teacher at our child care center helping a child with and art project to represent one of the benefits of being bilingual which is better relationships.
Increased Cognitive Abilities

Learning a different language from an early age used to be believed to hinder young children. Today, we know that being bilingual is a great benefit for one’s brain because it increases mental flexibility, also known as plasticity. The brain creates more connections to learn new processes faster and adapt. This helps bilingual children to be better suited to learn a third language, have increased math/logic skills, and score higher in verbal standardized tests. Additionally, since their brain has an increased number of different connections, bilingual children have increased problem solving and creativity skills.

Increased Social, Emotional, and Interpersonal Abilities

Bilingual children can become closely immersed in other cultures. Speaking another language allows them to be better positioned to connect with more people and understand their point of view, thus allowing them to be better listeners. Our children learn about many cultures at Casa, which allows them to work on their sense of self, identity, and have higher self-esteem. This happens because our children will think about how they are different or similar to people around the world. When they do this, they naturally reflect about who they are without even being fully aware of it.

Why is Being Bilingual Important in the United States?
  • The number of major cities that bilingual individuals call home is growing rapidly. Meaning that the demand for bilingual speakers in the workforce is increasing, in order to communicate efficiently with more people. 
  • More universities are requiring language proficiency as a graduation requirement. 
  • Being bilingual improves one’s ability to focus, which is very important in a world where they are constant distractions. 
  • The United States is home to a lot of diverse people. As people are trying to learn English to connect with others, we should also learn other languages to be inclusive and welcoming.

These are only some of the reasons why being bilingual is an advantage for our children and brings the world together. Further, we recommend following the links in this post to hear from more experts!

two children from casa wearing a matching outfit to represent one of the benefits of being bilingual which is increased creativity.
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