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children standing in front of a sign that says love as they learn about healthy relationships

Teaching Toddlers About Healthy Relationships

We all have different hopes for our children. We might hope that they grow up to be a leader, an athlete, or an adventurer. But across the board, it is safe to say that parents hope their children grow up to be happy. That they grow up to be kind individuals surrounded by positive people…

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What is Brain-Based Learning?

What is brain-based learning? You might have heard of schools adopting this method, but is it helpful to students? We have everything you need to know about this teaching method below! Brain-Based Learning Defined Brain-based learning is a paradigm that relies on school programs, lesson designs, and teaching methods created through neuroscience and the latest…

trike-a-thon week at casa, kids with bikes in front of one of our centers

Celebrating Trike-A-Thon at Casa!

As a preschool that goes beyond the traditional curriculum, one of the things we aim to teach our children is social responsibility. That is why this week starting Monday, September 19th through Friday, September 23rd we are all excited to celebrate Trike-A-Thon! Trike-A-Thon is a week-long event aimed at teaching our little ones about trike…

start to video of day in the life of preschool b at casa

Day in the Life of Preschool B!

Step into our lively and energized Preschool B classroom where you can experience a full day of what being a happy child is like at Casa de Corazón. Every day brings new surprises and special activities to work on various skills as we develop. This video highlights our most recent St. Patrick’s Day! 

Winning and Losing – Teaching Coping Skills

Children should be taught the positive benefits of competition when winning and losing. While winning is associated with happiness and contentment, losing has essential lessons that can make a child a better adult. This article will share easy strategies for teaching kids about winning and managing losing. How Do You Teach Children It’s Okay to…

Preschool Educational Activities

Preschoolers love to learn. They’re naturally curious and will ask questions all day long because they’re so eager for knowledge. This makes them the perfect pupils, but it can also get stressful as the parent of a toddler who wants to learn every second of every day. The good news is there are a lot…