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Top 5 Benefits of Dual Language Immersion Programs

May 25, 2023

Children have a propensity for language acquisition, and dual immersion schools facilitate this natural ability by teaching biliteracy. Teaching students to listen, speak, read, and write proficiently in two languages offers many academic and social benefits. In addition, when children begin learning another language at an early age, they have more time to develop their language skills and reap the benefits of dual language immersion programs. 

At Casa de Corazón, we strongly believe all children deserve access to quality education, regardless of their primary language. Read on to learn about the benefits of dual language immersion learning programs for your child.

What is Immersion Bilingual Education, and What Does it Mean for You and Your Students? 

What is dual immersion, and why is it important? In terms of teaching a language, immersion education is when the outcome, or the second language, is used to reach the desired result. In dual immersion schools, students receive their education in two primary languages, which teach the second language and the curriculum content. This means students with different native languages can come together in one classroom. They will receive instruction in both languages, with the outcome of learning each other’s native language through a shared experience. 

Benefits of Bilingual Immersion Programs

The benefits of learning a second language are vast and varied. From language acquisition to cultural bonds and self-confidence, there are many reasons to consider a dual language school for your child. 

Builds Strong Social Connections and Cultural Awareness 

When students in a classroom come together in a dual language program, they bring skills to help their classmates. Students can form a bond and closer connections as they help each other succeed. They can also experience a new level of cultural interaction and awareness as they form friendships with students of varied backgrounds. 

Strengthens Self-Perception and Identity

Language is the tie that connects us to our family, culture, and history and is a core part of our identity. In a dual language program, students continue building up their native language even while learning a new language. It allows them to connect with another culture while keeping the vital link to their own. Learning a second language can empower students as they strengthen their own identity. 

English Learners Succeed While Maintaining Native Languages 

When a student has minimal or zero English skills, jumping into a monolithic school can put them at a disadvantage. If they are behind or still need to gain English skills to follow the curriculum, they may need help to keep up with schoolwork. When all students are learning a second language, there is less achievement gap between English and non-English students. However, in a dual immersion school, they can still utilize their native language and build on their native literacy skills without losing fluency. 

Improves Cognitive Dexterity and Problem-Solving Skills

One of the most noted benefits of dual language programs is that learning a second language increases brain functioning and cognitive skills. While it may seem challenging to juggle learning in two separate languages at one time, the part of the brain that is responsible for problem-solving and filtering information is activated by switching between languages. Improved attention and increased working memory are additional benefits. 

Encourages Good Communication Skills

In addition to being able to communicate in multiple languages, there are additional improvements to communication that arise from dual language immersion programs. Students continue to learn how language works and how to communicate and express themselves differently. Choosing appropriate words, forming sentences, and articulating themselves in a new language will also help boost their confidence in communicating effectively in front of others. 

Spanish Immersion Early Learning Programs

When researching dual language immersion programs, finding a program that focuses on engagement and providing a safe, dynamic place for your child to learn and explore is essential. Casa de Corazón in MN and Shorewood, WI, embraces culture and innovation and offers a unique place for your child to grow and thrive. Contact us today to request a tour and learn more about our exciting Spanish immersion learning program! 

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