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Celebrating the Holi Festival at Casa

celebrating holi at casa
March 14, 2022

Pink clouds floating gently through the middle of the street, and at the same time, approaching you so rapidly, closing in on your last chance to escape. You only manage to turn your head at the last second, but out of the corner of your eye you realize the pink cloud has engulfed you. And the moment you begin to process all that is happening, yellow and green clouds attack you. There is no point in trying to make it out of the crowd unscathed. But why would you miss all the laughter, smiles, and that feeling of being surrounded by friends? It’s the Holi festival!

The Holi Festival:
  • This holiday celebrates the end of winter and welcomes spring.
  • The origin of Holi is dated back to the legend of the evil king Hiranyakashyap.
  • On this day colored powder is thrown around, covering everyone’s clothes.
  • At Casa we all join in on the fun, run around, and smile until our cheeks hurt!

What is Holi?

Holi, also known as the festival of love or the festival of colors, is a very special holiday in the Hindu religion celebrating the end of a gray gloomy winter and welcoming a youthful spring. A feeling midwesterners are very familiar with! This holiday was traditionally celebrated in Southeast Asia, but has spread to other parts of the world.

History of Holi:

Legend says there was an evil king named Hiranyakashyap, who wanted his people to worship him instead of the traditional gods. Since he was king, everyone obliged except for one person, his son Prahlada. Furious that Prahlada was still devoted to Lord Vishnu, he plotted with Holika. Holika tricked Prahlada to sit in a bonfire with her. And when he did, Lord Vishnu protected Prahlada thus thanking him for his devotion. Thus, the festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil! 

children at our casa daycare enjoy the holi festival celebration.
How is the Holi Festival Celebrated?

There are a few things to know about this festival. As it is now celebrated outside of Southeast Asia, you can find a celebration close to your home and learn some things before going!

  • On the eve of Holi there are large bonfires lit to signify burning evil spirits away. People will often throw twigs and leaves.
  • Make sure to bring a positive attitude and be joyful! This festival is about welcoming the spring with open arms.
  • You will predominantly see the color red which represents love, green which represents new beginnings, and sometimes blue representing that evil can always be contained.
  • Wear clothing that you won’t mind ruining, because there is no way of getting rid of the dye! And your hair might turn a different color for a couple of days!
  • Holi doesn’t end there, later in the day families will gather together for a nice meal and deliver sweets.
  • Enjoy your day through dance, laughter, and food
Why is the Festival Important?

The festival is important to many people because it promotes mending broken relationships and letting go of any grudges. On Holi, it does not matter who you are or where you come from, all that matters is that you are human. This festival is meant to bring people together, gives us time to forget about any differences, and shows us how we can all be happy together. 

The Casa Connection

Our children get to join in on the fun! In the morning, our teachers read books about the festival and teach the children about India. If you have anything you would like to share with us on this day, we would be so happy. Then in the afternoon we go outside and throw colors around. We will make sure to take many pictures of our children running as fast as they can and laughing to brighten everyones day! 

child at our casa daycare enjoys the holi festival celebration.
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