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Parent Blog Post: Marissa!

Featured parent Marissa holding her baby
February 14, 2022

Our family loves Casa! We chose Casa because of the Spanish immersion program and the benefits of learning a new language at an early age. But, we got so much more than I expected! In addition to language immersion, the kids receive intercultural learning. Our entire family has also enjoyed learning about various cultures, countries and holidays around the globe!

In addition to the immersion and intercultural curriculum, the staff at Casa is unmatched. We have built friendships with the teachers and staff, and we feel confident sending our kids to a loving, caring, and safe environment every day. Casa feels like an extension of our family! 

Lastly, I have to touch on Casa’s emphasis on organic food and sustainability! The menu at Casa is well-thought out and delivers key nutrition needs for growing children. The food is diverse, nutritious, and not packed with sugar! Casa even has an outdoor garden for the kids to visit and learn about where food is grown. They also practice composting and recycling, so the kids get an early understanding of the importance of sustainability and caring for the earth.  This has also inspired our family to start a compost and garden at our own home! Casa is very unique.

Marissa – Maple Grove Casa Parent

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