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Meet Merary! Our Chief Operations Officer

image of merary, casa's COO
July 11, 2022

Meet Merary, our Chief Operations Officer! Merary has been with Casa for 9 years. She first began as an Administrative Assistant and moved her way up to Center Director, then to Curriculum & Staff Development Coordinator, and now is in her current role as Chief Operations Officer. In her day-to-day activities, Merary supports and coaches Center Directors, and supervises our Kitchen and Facilities Management teams. Find out how Merary has been an integral part of Casa’s growth and of our community!

What brought you to Casa? 

Growing up, my mom was the Principal at my school. Being the Principal’s daughter, I was always involved in the administration of an educational organization. I wanted to continue being part of the education system, and what better place than Casa where I can share my culture, heritage, and language!

How is Casa unique and different from other centers?

At Casa we live our Core Values, we intentionally practice Living Whole-heartedly, Bilingualism, Life Changing-Innovation, Perpetual Growth, Pioneering Interculturality, Healthy & Holistic Impact, and Extended family. I see these values being lived out every day with our kids, staff, and families when I visit our centers. It makes me so proud to know that my personal values align with my professional life.

What is a tip you would give other supervisors to maintain good communication all around?

I strongly believe in active listening. When we think about communication, we often think that acknowledging the messages communicated is listening. However, communication is not just about receiving the message but about also understanding the message. It might sound simple to understand the message but that is often when miscommunication happens. Good communication is important for our staff and our families.

How do you balance the needs/wants of parents at Casa?

We strive to do our best to accommodate all of our families’ wants and needs. That is why we openly listen to our families’ comments and opinions. Following our Core Values is what gives us guidance when making any decisions.

How do you prepare for the accreditation process?

You first must know that each accreditation has its own stipulations. Some are more rigorous than others. Having a coach for the accreditation is something that I recommend but not all the accreditations provide that. A great place to start to prepare for any accreditation is to review all the requirements ahead of time, such as center visits and observations.

merary at casa during muffin for madres with her daughter
How has Casa supported you as a working mom?

Casa offers great benefits to our staff! Our paternal/maternal leave and discount on tuition have made a big impact on my family!  My two girls are currently enrolled with Casa and the time that I spent with them during my maternity leave has been so special!

How do you help the Center Directors develop professionally?

I encourage them to participate in different trainings such as the Director Credential and the CDA accreditation. We also develop courses aligned to the administrative tasks that they manage daily. One of my favorite things to do when coaching them is to find their strengths and make them the best leaders they can be!

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