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Meet Sharon! Casa Edina’s Center Director

sharon, edina's Center Director smiling and holding flowers
August 15, 2022

Hola Familias de Casa! This week, get to know one of our wonderful Center Directors at Casa Edina, Sharon. Sharon has been with us for over a year. During this time, she has built and earned the trust of her team and the Edina community. Building and earning trust has been important for her because she wants to reassure parents that at Casa they will be taken care of and there will be open communication. Get to know Sharon better and see why our families and children love her!

What is your favorite core value and why?

My favorite core value is Bilingualism. Spanish is actually my first language. I never imagined that a place like Casa was real and that I would get the opportunity out of so many applicants to work here. I love how Spanish is such a big part of my life and that I get to celebrate and share that. It has been an incredible experience being able to not only teach Spanish but also witness a child’s learning capacity for a new language. They are really smart and absorb so much!

How do you build connections with the children, teachers, and parents as a Center Director?

As a Center Director, it is crucial to be attentive to everybody’s needs. Our little children are our number one priority, and we really want to make this the best experience they have. I love taking the time to have daily conversations and interactions with anyone that crosses my path. I ask them questions and try to know them better so that I can assist them with whatever they need. This has been the best way to build those connections with the children, teachers, and families.

How do you motivate your staff or bring them together?

Roxy and I focus on weekly interactive staff motivation activities, which is something our team has expressed that they enjoy! It is important for our staff to work well together, grow together, and have some fun. We do things like motivational quotes on our Staff Board, asking each other meaningful questions, writing notes of encouragement, we bring treats for each other, and more! We are always trying to support one another and respect each other.

What is important to be successful in your position?

I would say the most important thing is definitely having a positive attitude! Whether things are going well or not, maintaining a balanced viewpoint definitely has helped me be successful in my position. I manage teachers, children, and parents so always seeing the positives and not letting anything cloud my judgment is something I always strive for. 

What is your favorite Casa memory?

Teacher Appreciation Week! I just love seeing our families and teachers happy and expressing their gratitude for each other. Every day brings a new surprise. I always look forward to the mornings when families come and say thank you and write a letter. Those things mean a lot to our teachers and mean a lot to me too! It’s a beautiful experience. 

Sharon, Edina's Center Director, taking a picture with her administrative team.

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