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Mental Health Instagram Accounts to Follow

kids doing yoga for their mental health
March 27, 2023

Regardless of your position or stage in life, prioritizing your mental health should take the front seat. Yet sometimes, it can be easier said than done. Thankfully, due to our growing open-mindedness, mental health is now openly discussed, and there are many great resources available. Self-care is a great way we can truly grow, find balance, and feel happier. Here are six mental health Instagram accounts to follow. These are great for business owners, parents, and anyone who needs it. 

The Brain Coach

@thebraincoach was founded by Nawal Mustafa a Neuropsychologist focused on helping people reflect on any issues they could be facing and connecting them with actionable steps. Her feed is filled with amazing resources to learn more about anything from self-esteem to relationships. Nawal’s posts promote the principles of self-confidence to help individuals find happiness in their life.  

The Depression Project

@realdepressionproject was founded by Mathew Baker, a professional counselor who created this account after an intriguing observation. He noticed that many accounts talk about what depression is, but never seemed to mention steps to overcome it. Thus, he created The Depression Project. To give people the resources to learn about depression and what they can do. This account mixes in resources with relatable posts from others to remind people that they are never alone. Additionally his website provides more resources for those with depression and loved ones who want to help. 

Mindful Brains

@mindful.brains was founded by Jade, a mental health educator. Her posts are soothing, simple, and informative. By following this account you will be able to learn more about different types of mental illnesses, their characteristics, and unique differences. As with anything online, if something resonates with you, please speak to your medical provider to get a professional diagnosis. 

The Holistic Psychologist

@the.holistic.psychologist was founded by Dr. Nicole LePera. As a psychologist, her focus is to teach others how to heal and consciously create a healthier version of oneself. This account promotes the idea that growth/change takes time and effort. Her posts vary on a range of topics and her comments for each are a must read as she goes into a deep dive into each topic making her posts compact lessons. Additionally, her comments sometimes serve as a guide for oneself to reflect at home. 

Sit With Sharon

@sit.with.sharon was founded by Sharon Peykar, a Licensed Psychotherapist and Relationship Educator. Her account is focused on relationships. Sharon talks about the different relationships we have in our lives such as those with our families, friends, work, partners, and oneself. One of her recurring topics is talking about codependency versus healing terminology and how each one has its own set of thoughts and subconscious effects. 

Positively Present

@positively.present was founded by artist and mental health advocate Dani DiPirro. Her beautiful, colorful, and artistic account provides tips, healthy reminders, and affirmations in an aesthetically pleasing way. This account will bring a spark of happiness and color to you and will be a clear reminder to take care of yourself every day. 

What accounts will help you as a Casa franchise owner?

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