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My Family’s Experience at Casa de Corazón!

November 7, 2023

I was actually excited that first day I dropped my son, Jett, off at Casa de Corazón’s infant-preschool program. But I know that for most parents, that isn’t the case. My friends have told me of the sweaty slipper hands they got when attempting to open the door to their childcare center. Of the gut-wrenching feeling they felt when their child cried for mom during the first drop-off. Of that uneasy, ever-present feeling that made them think, “Is this the right choice? Is it too early for him? Should I go back?”

Of course, I was also a bit nervous since Jett is my firstborn, but I say I was excited because I knew exactly what to expect from Casa. Ever since my first interaction with the center’s staff, they have been helpful, welcoming and answered all my questions. But one thing that has stood out to me the most is how they uphold their Core Values of Living Whole-Heaterdly, Bilingualism, Life-Changing Innovation, Perpetual Growth, Pioneering Interculturality, Healthy & Holistic Impact, and Extended Family. 

I see these values in the healthy, organic meals the cooks prepare fresh onsite for him. In the way Jett is excited to go to school and is greeted every morning by Ms. BLANK with a big hug and warm smile. And as soon as I step into Casa, I see how they gracefully interweave interculturality, innovation, and family.

My son is now a joyful two-and-a-half-year-old and will soon head to Preschool A. I am thankful that he will continue to grow in a nurturing environment and start preparing for Kindergarten. But the number of new experiences he’ll have, the field trips he’ll go on, and the new topics he’ll discover, it all makes me smile. When talking to his new teachers, Ms. BLANK, BLANK, and BLANK, and after reading the monthly lesson plans posted outside their classroom, I’ve gotten a sense of what he’ll be doing.

Jett’s teachers will not only work on reading, math, and fine motor skills to help him reach his developmental milestones but also teach him about friendships, respecting one another, and his emotions. He’ll go on field trips to places like the farm, where he’ll plant trees and learn about composting. One activity I know Jett is really looking forward to is participating in Trike-A-Thon Week. Trike-A-Thon is a week-long event hosted by St. Jude Research Children’s Hospital to raise funds for their hospital and teach preschoolers about trike/bike riding safety. I love that Casa supports this and other causes throughout the year and that they foster social responsibility in young children.

I believe my experience with childcare has been a positive one because I chose a center that not only aligned with my family’s values but one where I could see how Jett was going to be cared for and loved. It is also comforting when I receive updates throughout the day about how Jett is doing, thanks to the Casa App. For example, I get updates about when he is eating, napping, and even pictures of him participating in the activities.

I sincerely cannot wait for my son Jude to start his journey at Casa de Corazón. He’ll be born any day now!

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