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Advantages of Opening a Casa for Any Community

March 3, 2022

In our previous post, Advantages of Owning a Casa Franchise, we detailed a few of the many benefits each Franchise Owner can gain. However, when a new business opens, it impacts more than just the owner, it affects the dynamic of the community. Long-lasting and successful businesses are those who are able to bring people together, provide a much needed service, and fit seamlessly into the area’s culture. Learn some of the things that will benefit new communities and think about how we would fit into your community.

Advantages of Opening a Casa for any Community:
  • We spread and celebrate diversity
  • Everyone learns about cultures around the world
  • The development of children in the community will benefit
  • We bring families together

We Spread and Celebrate Diversity!

Casa has built a community where everyone feels welcomed, appreciated, and feels like they can fully be themselves. You see this when teachers share personal stories about their home countries or when we learn from our parents about their traditions. When there is a Casa in the community, we introduce everyone to authentic intercultural experiences. Additionally help people understand the meaning behind different celebrations and different points of view. In our current communities, close bonds between parents and our teachers from all over Latin America have formed, making everyone’s lives richer. 

Everyone Gets to Learn

Our program not only serves children but also their families, and subsequently family friends. A constant comment we hear from parents is that we have encouraged them to look more deeply at other cultures and explore. Our children are constantly learning new things at Casa and go home eager to share this with their parents. 

We also take the time to answer questions from our parents regarding our intercultural celebrations and write informational blog posts. Additionally, through our parent teacher conferences, parents are able to learn about their child’s development and what to expect from upcoming milestones. This is beneficial because this information comes from a reliable source. 

Benefits for Brain Development

There are numerous benefits from being bilingual such as improved attention, auditory processing, increased executive function, focus, and self- control. These improved skills help children reach greater success as there is an increasing demand for bilingual speakers in the United States. 

Families Coming Together

We have seen over the years how the surrounding communities around our centers come together. That is because families form a network of caring and positive people! Drop-off provides a time for parents to catch up with each other. Oftentimes parents collaborate and think of ways to bring new experiences to our students to enrich their education. 

We believe in positively impacting the lives of many. However, this cannot be done by only sharing our values with others. We focus on listening and thinking of ways we can collaborate, connect, and be present in the communities to offer the best learning experience. 

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