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Casa Teacher Interview: Ms. Paola

Casa Teacher Ms. Paola who is featured for this interview
January 24, 2022

At Casa, our teachers are amazing and compassionate human beings. They choose to work at Casa everyday primarily because of the work culture and the kind families and children they interact with. We will be featuring a teacher each month through our teacher interview so that you can get to know them more closely and see why our children love them!

This month we are featuring Ms. Paola! Ms. Paola is from Tijuana, Mexico and has worked with us for 5 years. She currently works at our Maple Grove center and is a teacher in our Preschool B classroom.

Why did you choose to work at Casa? 

I chose Casa because I love children and how they are. This was the first place I looked at and I was very impressed. The comradeship and how the directors treat us is like no other place, everyone is genuinely friendly!   

How is Casa different from other schools?

The way we teach children is different from other places. We are given adequate and rich teaching material for the whole month and each day. So I feel prepared to teach and do it well.

Casa Teacher Interview with Ms. Paola who is playing with children on a colorful rug.
What is your favorite Casa core value?

Living whole-heartedly! I really like the part about expressing gratitude towards others and this happens here at Casa. During the holidays, the parents will bring us treats and everyday when they pick up their children they say thanks. It is very nice and makes me happy!

What inspires you to keep teaching?

I love seeing how our kids learn, and how they listen to what I’m teaching them. I see that what we are doing is working, and they are actually learning. 

What have you learned from your students?

Some English words! But honestly they have taught me to be patient and that everyone learns differently. Another thing they have taught me is that everyone loves in different ways!

How do you make connections with your students?

I make sure to interact meaningfully with all of my students. I make sure to play with them, talk, and also listen.

How do you share your culture?

During the month when we learn about Mexico I bring in the Mexican flag and tell them stories about the flag and what each color represents. I will also bring in typical attire that we dance in and show the children. They really like it!

Signature dish? Pozole Verde. 

What is your secret talent? I play the keyboard.

What’s your favorite dessert? Chocoflan!

Favorite children’s book? Mi Árbol Aldo y Yo because it explains quite beautifully how a tree grows and what happens when it is old or has to be cut down.  

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