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lauren's child in the toddler room transition
Featured Writer

Toddler Room Transition!

When we learned that it was time for Beau to transition to the toddler room, I could hardly believe it. It felt like just yesterday we were bringing our eleven-week-old son to Casa for his first day in the infant room! Over the last 14 months, the teachers in Infants A have helped him to…

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celebrating our country of the month, mexico at casa
Country of the Month

Country of the Month: Mexico!

What comes to mind when you think of Mexico? Maybe your mind starts thinking about tacos and wondering how “traditional” fast food tacos really are. Perhaps your mind excavates the small amount of information you know about the Aztecs and their incredible monument, Chichén Itzá. Mexico is a bountiful country with incredible experiences. Each state…

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100 voices of Casa
Franchise Opportunity Innovation

100 Voices of Casa

At Casa, we are always looking for innovative ways to grow and further our core values. We seek to be unique. We seek to be trailblazers. We seek to challenge and shape the childcare industry. Every year, our leadership team launches an average of five innovative ideas to positively impact the lives of everyone in…

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casa teacher mr. efren reading to his students

Casa Teacher Interview: Mr. Efren!

This month we are highlighting Mr. Efren! Mr. Efren is from Nicaragua and has been with us for 3 years! Back in Nicaragua, Efren grew up playing on the beach, surfing, and skateboarding. And although he is not the biggest fan of Minnesota winters, he loves working at Casa and enriching the education of young…

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picture of javi our human resources specialist and contributor to our casa franchise team
Franchise Opportunity Interview

Meet Javi: Our Human Resources Specialist!

Meet Javi, our Human Resources Specialist! Javi has been an integral part of Casa’s transformation in the last 6 years. When she first graduated with a double major in Communications and Hispanic Studies, Javi wanted to be able to use her degrees and found Casa. She began as an Administrative Assistant, then moved on to…

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teachers from Casa sharing their culture from ecuador
Country of the Month

Country of the Month: Ecuador!

As you anxiously await for your nine-hour flight to Ecuador to finally land, you review what you know about this country. You remember that it is culture-packed, diverse, and full of history! That it has a history of making large contributions to the environmental sciences, and that this region boasts a beautiful tropical climate and…

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directors at our casa center discussing the ddr
Franchise Opportunity

What is a DDR?

You may be deep into your journey of buying your own Casa franchise! Or you may just be starting to review important paperwork… Either way, during this process there is much information and terms that must be fully understood to help you succeed in this new endeavor. So what is a DDR, and why is…

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casa teacher reading a book about juneteenth
Celebrations Intercultural Celebrations

Celebrating Juneteenth at Casa!

This Juneteenth, we look forward to sharing with our children the importance of this day, remembering key historical events, and honoring African American culture. We strive to honor all cultures and understand the benefits of a diverse world. Through these important intercultural celebrations, we aim to communicate the importance of openness and compassion to our…

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child from NPH smiling for the 1K for kids
Celebrations Innovation

Impact of our 2021 1K For Kids

As we get ready for this year’s 1K For Kids, we look back at the great organization we donated our funds to last year, NPH Mexico! NPH Mexico is an organization that supports orphans by providing them with a home and quality education to be successful in life. This organization has various locations across Mexico…

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