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teacher engaging in classroom after a teacher development moment
Innovation Tips

The Importance of Teacher Development

Education is a never-ending process, even for teachers. Professional development is not only beneficial for educators as they are able to further develop their skills, but children also benefit from the latest methods being used. At Casa, one of our core values is Perpetual Growth, meaning we strive to constantly learn because it helps us…

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image of a student showing his thankfulness for his teacher by giving her flowers
Celebrations Tips

5 Ways to Encourage Thankfulness in Children

What are you most thankful for? Unfortunately, things do not always go our way, and it can be easy to hyper-focus on the negatives. Feeling thankful is a good practice, and studies have shown that it can boost your immunity, improve your mood, and help you sleep better! Being thankful and expressing gratitude are abstract…

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sorimar smiling with her children, they are from puerto rico!
Country of the Month Intercultural Celebrations

Country of the Month: Puerto Rico!

Latin America has riches and wonders that are yet to be discovered by tourists. That is the case in every country, including Puerto Rico! Boricuas, as the locals refer to themselves, get to live in a world where the bright sun and blue skies warm their skin and souls. Where wholesome delicacies replenish their energy…

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Children playing early education

What is Edutainment?

You may have heard of edutainment and wonder how education and entertainment coexist. What is edutainment, and how does it work? Why is it important for the classroom? Exploring edutainment and everything it offers will help you understand its benefits and how to integrate it into your classroom or home learning.  Edutainment Overview  Edutainment began…

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rosca de reyes, one of the items used to celebrate día de los reyes
Intercultural Celebrations

How Do You Celebrate Día de Los Reyes?

We have some bad news… the holidays are sadly over. But want to hear the good news? The holiday spirit is well alive, as we need to celebrate Día de Los Reyes! Día de Los Reyes is a joyous holiday that requires little preparation. This is one of Mexico’s most beloved holidays as it brings…

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members of our staff bringing to life characters in La Casita Book
Celebrations Innovation

What is La Casita Book?

It is hard to believe, but this year we are celebrating La Casita’s fifth anniversary! This book came to life as a way to promote and encourage diversity since there is a lack of representation in the children’s book industry. Thus, the creation of this book. What is La Casita? La Casita is a Casa…

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casa teacher interview with Ms. Ana

Casa Teacher Interview: Ms. Ana!

Get to know one of our little one’s favorite teacher, Ms. Ana! Parents will notice their little ones excited for school and running into Ms. Ana’s arms as soon as the door opens. She is often described as a “kind-hearted individual with a loving personality.” Originally from El Salvador, Ms. Ana has been working at…

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teachers from casa doing a food drive for community service
Family Activities Innovation

Community Service Ideas For the Family!

“This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.” Theodore Roosevelt Look around you right now. What are you sitting on? What meal did you just have? What was the last notification you received on…

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casa teacher showing off costa rica shirt
Country of the Month Diversity & Inclusion

Country of the Month: Costa Rica!

Traversing through ice-covered sidewalks. Bundled in layer after layer after layer. Losing feeling in your nose. Haven’t seen the sun in ages. And as you expose your bare hand to the ice-cold winds to reach for the door, you think of that commercial, “Want to get away?”. You answer quietly to yourself, “Yes!” Trust us,…

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