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How to Celebrate Holi with your Child at Home!

Holi is one of our favorite holidays here at Casa! New teachers and students might prepare by wearing white clothing and waterproof shoes, but you truly don’t know what you’re getting yourself into until the first tiny fist, full of colored powder, starts to wind up and everyone follows. Quick flashes of color rush by,…

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New Spanish immersion child care center to open in Rochester soon

A new Spanish immersion early learning center will soon open its doors in northwest Rochester and start caring for infants up to preschool age children. Casa de Corazón, which has five centers in the Twin Cities and two Wisconsin locations, has been busy for the past several months building a new Rochester location at 970…

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Iris, Casa Shorewood's center director participating in Holi
Franchise Opportunity Interview

Meet Iris! Shorewood’s Center Director

At Casa Shorewood, we are happy to have such amazing Center Directors be part of our team. Get to know Iris this week! Iris began her career at Casa as a substitute teacher in July 2020. She quickly became a Lead Teacher and positively contributed to this center and her classrooms. After grasping what makes…

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teachers waving the flag of el salvador
Country of the Month Diversity & Inclusion

Country of the Month: El Salvador!

If you talk to one of our staff from El Salvador and ask them what their country is like, each and every single time, their face will light up. Upon mention of their county’s name, they will smile, and you will see the flurry of memories rushing through their head.  El Salvador is the smallest…

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children standing in front of a sign that says love as they learn about healthy relationships
Preschool Activities Tips Toddler Activities

Teaching Toddlers About Healthy Relationships

We all have different hopes for our children. We might hope that they grow up to be a leader, an athlete, or an adventurer. But across the board, it is safe to say that parents hope their children grow up to be happy. That they grow up to be kind individuals surrounded by positive people…

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teacher engaging in classroom after a teacher development moment
Innovation Tips

The Importance of Teacher Development

Education is a never-ending process, even for teachers. Professional development is not only beneficial for educators as they are able to further develop their skills, but children also benefit from the latest methods being used. At Casa, one of our core values is Perpetual Growth, meaning we strive to constantly learn because it helps us…

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image of a student showing his thankfulness for his teacher by giving her flowers
Celebrations Tips

5 Ways to Encourage Thankfulness in Children

What are you most thankful for? Unfortunately, things do not always go our way, and it can be easy to hyper-focus on the negatives. Feeling thankful is a good practice, and studies have shown that it can boost your immunity, improve your mood, and help you sleep better! Being thankful and expressing gratitude are abstract…

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sorimar smiling with her children, they are from puerto rico!
Country of the Month Intercultural Celebrations

Country of the Month: Puerto Rico!

Latin America has riches and wonders that are yet to be discovered by tourists. That is the case in every country, including Puerto Rico! Boricuas, as the locals refer to themselves, get to live in a world where the bright sun and blue skies warm their skin and souls. Where wholesome delicacies replenish their energy…

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What is Edutainment?

You may have heard of edutainment and wonder how education and entertainment coexist. What is edutainment, and how does it work? Why is it important for the classroom? Exploring edutainment and everything it offers will help you understand its benefits and how to integrate it into your classroom or home learning.  Edutainment Overview  Edutainment began…

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