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Celebrating Trike-A-Thon at Casa!

trike-a-thon week at casa, kids with bikes in front of one of our centers
September 12, 2022

As a preschool that goes beyond the traditional curriculum, one of the things we aim to teach our children is social responsibility. That is why this week starting Monday, September 19th through Friday, September 23rd we are all excited to celebrate Trike-A-Thon! Trike-A-Thon is a week-long event aimed at teaching our little ones about trike safety. While raising awareness for Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital through a fundraiser. With the help of some special friends from Saint Jude, such as Bikewell Bear and Pedals the Bunny, we will have an educational and fun-filled week. Read more about Trike-A-Thon below!

Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Saint Jude has been treating children who are battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases since 1962. This is the place where doctors from around the United States and the world send their toughest patients. As they have the highest survival rates for some of the most aggressive childhood cancers. These treatments are intensive and expensive, however, every family who is at Saint Jude never receives a bill for anything. The main priority of any family going through this should be their child. By covering the costs parents can do just that. This hospital has contributed beyond belief to families around the world and their stories say it all. 

logo for st. Jude children's hospital for trike-a-thon week
More on Trike-A-Thon

Riding a trike is a great way for children to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise, but it is very important to do it safely. Over the week, our little ones will learn about the importance of safety gear and watching out for others while riding. Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital provides a week-long curriculum to all participating daycares and preschools. Trike-A-Thon ends on Friday, September 23rd with our Preschool A, B, and Pre-K children bringing in their trikes and appropriate safety gear. We will then put all of the skills we have learned thus far and ride our trikes in a safely designated area! 

The other important side of this event is raising awareness for the work that Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital does, and teaching children about how they can support other children with cancer and/or other life-threatening diseases. Our children will learn about compassion, how we all have feelings, and how to be inclusive.  

How Can You Help?

We encourage all of our families to please contribute to Saint Jude! Money that is donated will go towards funding lifesaving research for children and will go towards paying expenses for families. We truly mean it when we say every single contribution makes a big difference and will absolutely make a child and/or family smile and let out a big sigh of relief. 

You may follow the link in your email to donate. Another thing you may do is advertise this event in your community to raise more funds! We hope you join us as we celebrate and support Saint Jude’s Research Hospital!  

kids riding their bikes/trikes fro trike-a-thon week
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