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Why the Houston Area is a Great Place to Start a Casa Franchise?

opening a franchise in Houston seeing family impact
March 17, 2022

This is the second post in a series where we discuss how the culture of various cities in the United States align with our core values and culture, thus making us a perfect childcare for those communities. For this week’s post we took a look into Houston with the help of some residents. We were excited to see how much in common we have with families in the Houston/Woodlands/Sugarland area. 

How Does the Houston Area’s Culture Align with Casa’s?

Read about things the Houston area already does that embrace the core values of our childcare centers. The Houston area focuses on family focused and hosts to a large population of Spanish speakers, making Casa an organization that matches the area and meets a need.

Living Whole-Heaterdly

Latinx and Texas culture place a great emphasis on family, being grateful, and building connections, so it is no surprise to see this area embracing these values. Families are attracted to the area because these values make it a welcoming place with great neighborhoods. However, this area and neighboring states can experience damaging severe weather, which is why the community focuses on working together to help and support each other through rough times.


Around 40% of households speak a language other than English, the primary language being Spanish. Individuals who speak Spanish in the area tend to have more opportunities. And that is because they are able to fill the needs of the communities, and many companies are looking for that. Families encourage bilingualism because this allows their children to engage closely with a big part of the community and give back. Being bilingual also helps people who don’t speak English very well feel more welcomed and accepted.

Life-changing Innovation

A lot of companies have moved to the Houston area. One of the reasons being they want to have access to a diverse network who would help them develop great products that are relevant and necessary for the community. Thus using the area’s differing points of view and ability to work together.

Perpetual Growth

Houston area natives are generally people who are driven and continue to better themselves. They are individuals with families who want to provide them with better lives. Who are inspired by the diversity and want to make an impact in their community. Who have many dreams and push themselves.  

Pioneering Interculturality

Being home to a large hispanic population, pioneering interculturality is something the Houston area does seamlessly. People in the area are proud of their culture and have strong communities where they can come together and feel like they are back in their home countries. This area hosts a wide number of authentic experiences open for everyone to enjoy. 

child at one of our childcare locations enjoying some time playing soccer outside
Healthy and Holistic Impact

The Houston area has incredible weather allowing people to enjoy the outdoors. There is also a strong emphasis on youth sports. And families tend to want to give their children a healthier lifestyle focused on nourishing their bodies. 

Extended Family

People feel connected to one another and actively seek relationships with those around them. It is easy to do so when this area is welcoming of people who have just moved in and will gladly help them settle in. Families bond over the sentiment of wanting to give their children the best. 

Now that we have shown some of the ways Houston’s culture aligns with our core values, read how we embrace them at Casa everyday! Make sure to read our previous post to learn about Advantages of Owning a Casa for Any Community. 

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