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infants coloring a flag representing one of our core values

Why are our core values important to our families?

When starting a business, you want to reflect and view your business as an individual with a personality. You want to ask yourself what values you want it to have to ultimately guide its decisions. This is part of developing a brand. But most importantly this process allows you to bring people together to further…

lauren's child in the toddler room transition

Toddler Room Transition!

When we learned that it was time for Beau to transition to the toddler room, I could hardly believe it. It felt like just yesterday we were bringing our eleven-week-old son to Casa for his first day in the infant room! Over the last 14 months, the teachers in Infants A have helped him to…

lauren's child crawling during parent-teacher conference

Parent-Teacher Conferences (Lauren’s Experience!)

We recently attended our Parent-Teacher conference meeting with our Infant A teachers. It is incredible that just one year ago, we were meeting to discuss our four-month-old son. Who was just barely able to roll over. Now, we were learning all about Beau’s love of books, buggy rides, and how he is always first in…

child celebrating their first birthday at casa

Parent Blog Post: Tanya!

At Casa, we prioritize quality care and our community. Leading with love has been one of the reasons why we have been welcomed by so many families, and is what sets us apart from others in the industry. Our tours are a vital and key turning point for many families during their childcare decision making…

Casa teacher at our daycare center reading a book in the middle of a small group.

Parent Blog Post: Vanessa!

This week, we share a story from one of our parents regarding why Casa was the right choice for her family. Parents come to us from many different backgrounds and through various means. We always promote transparency so that our parents know what to expect. And so they feel comfortable ensuring the health and safety…

Featured parent Marissa holding her baby

Parent Blog Post: Marissa!

Our family loves Casa! We chose Casa because of the Spanish immersion program and the benefits of learning a new language at an early age. But, we got so much more than I expected! In addition to language immersion, the kids receive intercultural learning. Our entire family has also enjoyed learning about various cultures, countries…