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Winning and Losing – Teaching Coping Skills

May 22, 2023

Children should be taught the positive benefits of competition when winning and losing. While winning is associated with happiness and contentment, losing has essential lessons that can make a child a better adult. This article will share easy strategies for teaching kids about winning and managing losing.

How Do You Teach Children It’s Okay to Lose?

Here are a few ways to teach your child the critical lessons of losing.

Start with a Game

Games provide an opportunity for everyone to win and lose. You can use a game that the child is familiar with, such as tossing a coin or board games. Then, tell the child that they might win or lose the game.

Watch the reactions of the children as they lose. Explain to them that there will always be winners and losers in a game, that nobody can win all the time, and that the fun comes from competitiveness.

Acknowledge that It is Okay to Lose and Help Them Cope

Tell the child that it is okay to feel bad about losing. Provide comfort to the children by hugging them and telling them to take deep breaths. You may introduce other coping measures, such as

  • Drinking a glass of water
  • Reflecting on what they could have done differently
  • Doing an activity that makes them happy
  • Counting to ten
What Does Winning and Losing Teach Children?

Here are a few important lessons from teaching kids how to win and lose well.

The World is Not Perfect

Children learn the stars will not always align in their favor. They need to understand to handle a loss with anticipation that they might win in the future.

There is Always Room for Self-Improvement

Losing means children have not reached perfection and work harder to improve themselves. This helps deal with overconfidence and creates a sense of continuous self-improvement.

They Can’t Be Great at Everything, But They Can Get Better

Children pursue perfection in games, school, and other competitive activities. While this is good, failure tells them that it is okay to be good in one area and not the other. The lesson is key to forming mutually beneficial relationships with people around them.

They Must Always Try Again

Teach your children that losing is not the end of the road. They should give any event a second try after losing. Teach them how to learn from their mistakes and try again. Encourage them to try new methods and strategize their next win. Another tip is to congratulate them after every win, as this motivates them to try again.

To Avoid the Blame Game

The blame game is a case where a child blames others or situations for their failure. They never admit to doing wrong. You must teach them to be responsible by accepting a loss and improving on it.

Why Winning and Losing is Important?

There are several reasons why losing and winning are essential. Here are the benefits of each.

Benefits of Winning:

  • It increases a child’s self-esteem
  • It makes a child feel proud of themselves
  • It helps the child to think more strategically
  • It encourages the child to work harder

Benefits of Losing:

  • It helps build resilience
  • Children can learn various life lessons through losing
  • It can help kids develop empathy skills
  • It assists children to build mental resilience
  • It helps children learn from mistakes and learn to cope

If a child loses or wins, several lessons are learned due to their experience. Teaching kids how to win and lose well helps them internalize these lessons.

The Casa Connection

In life, there will always be wins and losses. Your children should know how to cope with each result. Teaching kids how to win and lose well enables them to beat any challenge they meet later in life. Casa de Corazón is an immersive early learning program in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It aims to provide life skills for children in a responsible, healthy, and intercultural environment. We teach children valuable life lessons and help them build meaningful relationships. Request a tour, and let’s lay a proper foundation in your child’s life.

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