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Celebrating Día del Niño at Casa!

our casa center celebrating día del niño
May 30, 2022

Children are arguably the most important members of society. They are our future and the choices we make today directly impact them. They are loving individuals who give us hope and joy. They are reliant on us to provide care, compassion, and love. For all these reasons and more, countries in Latin America have a day specifically dedicated to celebrating young children called, Día del Niño!

What is Día del Niño?

Día del Niño raises awareness for the well-being of children and highlights their importance to society. In Mexico, Día del Niño began in 1925. At Casa, we are celebrating on June 1st because this is when Ecuador, our Country of the Month, celebrates it. Find out more about this beautiful day below!

Día del Niño is a joyful event filled with parties for children including face painting, book reading, plays, piñatas, and gifts. There are often big toy drives for children who may be in orphanages or cannot afford them to make everyone feel special and valued! Another important aspect of the day is emphasizing the importance of reading from an early age. Parents read to their children and celebrate bilingual education, and all cultures. 

children playing in a bouncy castle for Día del Niño
Why is it important to Celebrate Día del Niño?

It is important because they forever change our lives and do so much without even realizing it. Thus we need to thank them for everything they do. Since we are able to dedicate an entire day to them, we can focus on children’s rights and the importance of their physical, mental, and emotional development. Día del Niño reminds us that children should be listened to and their thoughts and feelings should matter in every conversation, even if it may seem that it will not impact them. We want to protect children from cruelty and treat them with respect, as their young minds are still developing and are molded by their experiences. 

What can you do to celebrate at home?

An important thing to remember is that this day is not just about buying lots of presents for your child, it is about expressing our gratitude for the positive impact they have on our lives. Some of the things you can do with your child are:

  • Take your child to their favorite museum, state park, or lake.
  • Set up a theme day inspired by their favorite movie or book! If your child likes dinosaurs, watch a movie, make a dinosaur craft with recycled materials, eat dinosaur-inspired treats, and read their favorite book while wearing your favorite dinosaur outfit!
  • Make their favorite food or treat.
  • Host a small party for your child and their friends.
  • Have a picnic at their favorite park and break a piñata
  • Ask your child what their perfect day would look like and try to do as many things as you can!
The Casa Connection

At Casa, we aim to celebrate our children every day but we make this day extra special! Our goal is to make all children feel loved and share everything they do for us. You will notice bouncy castles, face painting, piñatas, and healthy special treats at our centers. We love seeing their extra-big smiles when they realize that it is a party for every single one of them. We would also like to invite you to host a special presentation or set up a child-friendly activity! Ask your Center Director how you can participate in this event!

child smiling inside a bouncy castle with face painted for Día del Niño
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