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Week of the Young Child

celebrating week of the young child
March 28, 2022

At Casa, children are at the heart of everything we do. We want to give them the world! They steal our hearts when they flash a toothless smile, giggle like they just discovered the funniest thing in the world, or when they ask questions like “How do you fit through the door”? Children are precious and worth every effort. Thus, we want to celebrate them for all the love and joy they give us through the Week of the Young Child. 

Week of the Young Child is an event created by NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The purpose is to celebrate early learning, young children, teachers, families, and communities. Additionally, this week aims to focus the public’s attention on the needs of children and their families, while celebrating programs who meet those needs. As it is important to have a strong early childhood education program to help children succeed later in life.

How and Why do We Celebrate the Week of the Young Child?
  • Music Monday recognizes the power of music in education.
  • Tasty Tuesday celebrates healthy eating habits.
  • Working Together Wednesday encourages children to work together.
  • Artsy Thursday promotes creativity through the arts.
  • Family Friday honors our families for their impact on education.

Music Monday

Music is important for early development because it is an incredibly versatile tool that greatly enhances the education of our students. As children learn how to sing and dance they are increasing their language, literacy, motor, math, and critical thinking skills. At Casa, we make sure to sing and dance with our children everyday. Ask your child to teach you some Casa songs or go to our Casa App to discover new songs in Spanish!

Tasty Tuesday

This day celebrates healthy eating habits. Over the last couple of years, we have learned that nutrition impacts our ability to learn and retain information, thus choosing healthy foods are important to promote healthy development. That is why at Casa, we provide children with real whole foods. At home, cooking with your child will help them with math, reading, science, and will give them new sensory experiences. Try making a cheese board to practice colors and counting.

Working Together Wednesday 

We encourage children to work together by working on and building projects together. Working on this from an early age helps children develop social and compassion skills, thus it is important for parents to also encourage this at home.

Artsy Thursday

Art is a great tool that promotes creativity, imagination, social and fine motor skills. This is also a great activity to discover new sensory experiences. Art projects can be fun and require minimal effort. Encourage your child to express themselves, color outside the lines, and draw new things they have recently seen. 

Family Friday

On the last day we want to highlight our families! Families put in lots of time to research what educational experience they want for their children, take the time to listen to know how their child is doing, and who put in the time to take children to school. Parents play such an impactful role in education and we want to let them know that we appreciate everything they do to help their children succeed!

Look out for all the fun activities we will be having for this year’s Week of the Young Child and go to our social media to see how we are celebrating!

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